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  Medicare Supplement Insurance

First, find a good agent. Experience is everything. There's more to Medicare than just a Medicare supplement. Find an independent agent who specializes in senior products. He knows who the real players are.

Medicare advantage plans are an option mostly in large cities, but limited in smaller communities and rural areas. Most companies have plans "A through J". Plan "F" is the most recommended. Why? Cost, coverage, and it's easy to understand. That's when you will need it most.

Cost? Around $100 per month at age 65, $150 at age 75 and $200 at age 85. A good Medicare Supplement is not always with an “A” rated company. Some of the most well known companies with an “A” or “A+” rating are also some of the most expensive. For years I have had good success with smaller companies that are less known with much lower rates. Often times these “B” rated companies do an excellent job.

Companies both large and small are highly regulated by the State Department of Insurance and safety is simply not a factor. Price is.

Experience again is the major factor. Seek professional advice from a well established agent.


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