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An annuity is an “Insured Investment Account”. Its safety factors are second to none. It’s like a bank CD, except it’s offered by an insurance company.
  1. Principle and Interest are Guaranteed – Federal, state and insurance regulations are strict. The legal reserve system, Re-Insurance program, backed by investment grade government bonds and securities makes this the most historically safe investment ever.

  2. Tax Favored – It's tax deferred, but an Index Annuity. Compounded interest will beat a CD hands down every time.

  3. probate, creditor proof, and incontestable features make is even more valuable to vulnerable estates.

  4. A Medicaid Planning Tool – The annuities most important aspect: Can be used to attain immediate benefits for a spouse already in a nursing home or in the near future. Considered an “unavailable asset” by Medicaid which can minimize or even eliminate total “spend down” rules. Try that with your CD's, stocks and bonds! Don’t try this at home, folks! You need an expert, the Medicaid laws are complex and strict, and you’d better know what you’re doing.

  5. Indexed Annuities are the "hottest" thing on the market, with over 20 million a day from Seniors alone. An Indexed annuity will give you stock market like returns "without" the risk. Principle is guaranteed going in and each year your interest is locked in as well. This way you money will always be there for you. Why risk your assets in the market if you don't have to?

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