James M. Lee

James Lee, of James Lee Financial Services, has specialized exclusively in Medicare insurance for over 41 years and provides Medicare supplements, Long Term Care insurance and annuities. James works in conjunction with a local elder care Attorneys and tax consultants to provide you with the most complete insurance and financial review. Knowledge is important but experience is the key.


Starting out in October of 1968, James worked as a captive agent for over four years, representing only one company. James quickly realized that being an independent agent offered more options for insurance products. Representing multiple companies gave the client, as well as the agent more choices thereby offering the best products at the best price.

James, a former president of a local Health Underwriters Association chapter, currently represents 17 companies that market Long Term Care Insurance products. He also has 14 separate companies with Medicare Supplements and 16 Life Insurance companies offering various Annuity products.

In addition, James has multiple products for Term Life Insurance, and some of the most competitive Health Insurance rates in the area for people under age 65.


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